New RVNN-TV Show: RV Space Savers show show

RV Kitchen

Long time RVer and author Evada Cooper joins RVNN.TV as host of RV Kitchen – the show about running the household on wheels.

Home economics for the RVer is only part of the story. Evada is the author of the RV Centennial Cookbook -which has been featured as a part of the Centennial Celebration of 100 years of RVing at the RV/MH Hall of Fame.  The new RVNN.TV show is good housekeeping plus technology. And, with her background in the food industry and experience as a deli owner, she knows how to help people to operate their RV homestead efficiently.

This show features space-savers that you can add yourself. a recipe from one of her cookbook fans, and some thoughts about organizing the RV kitchen to keep it running efficiently and safely.


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One Response to “New RVNN-TV Show: RV Space Savers”

  1. Elva Miranda says:

    Great show Evada!

    I had fun doing the video, should have smiled more, and rinsed the spaghetti in cold water. It was fun laughing at myself.

    Loved all the tips you mentioned on space-saving. I’ll be using some of them in my RV.

    Looking forward to the next show.

    Happy Trails! 🙂