The Zen of Being Cozy

Remember the Batteries Are Included

Neil King; Staff Writer

The Professor tells you how to keep warm and cozy by giving you some tips on how to give your RV furnace a little TLC in today’s episode of Ask The Professor. Terry says the first step to make sure you have heat in your RV is a simple though most often over looked one: remember to keep your 12 volt battery and propane tank full and fully serviced. Your furnace uses both power sources and without either it could be a cold night.

The Professor also lectures on the ability of flame to conduct electricity, how to keep wildlife out of your furnace, the safety feature in you furnace that keeps you “poofs” to a minimum, and the importance of keeping your vents uncovered both inside or outside the unit. Then Terry fields questions from viewers and RV enthusiasts just like you.

Also this episode The professor explains how to tell the two types of furnaces, Atwood or Suburban, apart. The Professor says that no matter your brand of furnace, you can handle most any problem. With some tips from him of course!


Terry Talks:

  • How does your furnace work?
  • Help your furnace help you
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Things you can do for your furnace
  • Annual Servicing (How To)

Photo: SXC.HU and Bubblebabu

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