How To Stay Cool

The Professor Helps you Avoid Hairy Situations

Neil King; Staff Writer

Texas Terry Cooper is a cool cat in this episode of Ask The Professor as he discusses the ins and outs of your RV A/C unit. Believe it or not, your RV’s A/C doesn’t really make things colder.  Instead, it actually makes things less hot. Your RV A/C is taking the heat and moisture out of the air in your unit and keeping the air in your unit moving to help you feel cool and comfortable.


After all, no one should sweat on vacation. Terry says a great way you can help your A/C keep you cool is by keeping the A/C air filter free of hair, debris, and dust. Especially if you have pets.

The Professor also discusses the two major brands of RV A/C units that are being used in the market today, Coleman and Dometic, how alike and different they are, where is good to have your A/C serviced, and what you can do if the fins on your RV A/C are bent and keeping your A/C from keeping you cool.
Want to learn how to keep you A/C running at its best? Just Ask The Professor!


Terry Talks:

  • Your RV Air Conditioner
  • BTU
  • Air Flow is Everything
  • How to clean your air conditioner’s filter
  • Bad Voltage-The RV Killer (Good/Bad #’s)


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