How To: Get RV Ready #2

What to do Before You Get Your Wheels Turning

Neil King; Staff Writer

In this episode of Ask the Professor Terry discusses his quest for a new RV, and Terry and Dave continue the discussion of how to inspect your RV get your rig road ready. The Professor talks sealing you unit up to keep you dry as you relax, and to make sure that your rig doesn’t get totalled because of a missed spot or two of sealent on a window. Also Terry notes that it is imporanat to inspect your exterior walls thoroughly and check all the seals; even if they are hard to reach, and gives you a couple things to look for to head off a watery vacation.

Texas Terry goes over what you can do if you sealant job fails, and gives you some simple tips on how to fix de-lamination. As he notes the cost of maintnance is much lower than the cost of having to total out your RV because you cut corners before hitting the open road. One thing Terry teaches is to get a ladder. Most often when there is water damage in an RV it is because there was sealant missed above a door, window, or where the walls meet the roof of the rig.

Also The Professor goes over how to change out a window in an RV and who is there to help you, or at least give you instructions if you need them. Then Terry answers questions from viewers just like you including the comparison between lamination and art, and how to remove lamination safely. As always with The Professor it is saftey first and you can do it with a little help from the man himself!


Terry talks:

  • Laminated Walls
  • Seals
  • Windows
  • The Price of Bad Maintenance
  • What to do For De-lamitation
  • Door Sealant
  • Changing Windows
  • Your Questions
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