How To: Get RV Ready #1

Safety First: Making Sure Your RV Is Road Ready

Neil King

Staff Writer

On this Ask The Professor Terry goes over what you can do in the Spring to make sure your RV is ready to roll on down the road. Terry says that you need to take care of your unit or your vacation will be a lot more work than it will be fun. If you leave your RV sit all winter and don’t make sure that everything is running properly you’ll find you self doing just that; working on vacation.

As The Professor tells you with many things, one of the first things you need to check is your 12V battery charge and plug your unit in to make sure that you have adequate power for the things you will be inspecting. Then Terry and Dave say to inspect your RV top to bottom. You want to start at the roof, and as Terry notes; safety first! Before you get up on the roof of your RV extend your stabilizers and jacks. Terry also says that you want to make sure you have a thorough system that looks over each part of your unit to make sure you have smooth sailing… or rather RVing.

The Professor lectures that don’t let the time of year sway you to not check on your RV. All through the year is the right time to make sure your vacation is everything you want it to be. That’s why Texas Terry has a class for RV inspection. Remember 80% of the repairs you need to make on your RV you can do yourself if someone would just show you how, and as the man says take care of your rig and your rig will take care of you!


Terry talks:

    • Safety
    • Inspection
    • Roofs
    • Batteries
    • Slide outs/Seals
    • Awnings
    • Your Questions

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