Guide to RV tailgating

Football season is here and with it comes a great tradition held dearly by many across the country: tailgating. Let's be honest, nobody going to a game wants to pay exorbitant stadium prices for a mushy hot dog. That's why half the fun of going to a football game is getting there early, setting up shop and grilling to your heart's content. And if you do this in an RV, it'll be even easier.

The advantages of tailgating in an RV are numerous. For starters, you have everything you need right in your vehicle. No waiting in line at a Port-A-John, and no sitting out in the sweltering heat if you don't want to. If your RV is equipped with an entertainment center, you can even turn on the pregame show while you're preparing your meal. It's definitely tough to beat the experience of tailgating in an RV – and you'll likely attract a crowd of football fans who want to join in on the fun.

Relaxing in the comfort of your RV is only half the tailgating experience – you can't forget the food. The other half is obviously the food. And again this is where RVs have the advantage: you have a full kitchen at your disposal. If you've been watching "RV Kitchen" on RVNN, then you know about just what's possible to do in an RV kitchen. Needless to say, your spread will likely be the envy of everybody else in the parking lot.

Of course, most RVers also like to take a grill along with them that they can set up outside. Still, it's nice to know that you have a full range of kitchen appliances inside that can be used to prepare appetizers or snacks. You also won't have to deal with a cooler, as your fridge can keep everything ice cold.

The main question on your mind is likely where you'll park. This varies from stadium to stadium, so you'll definitely want to do your research and call ahead of time to make sure you know all the rules and regulations. Some stadiums have their own RV lots for oversized vehicles, so you'll be among other RVers. It has been decreasing rapidly, but some still mix RVs into the general lot, which can be a hassle. Nearly every NFL and college stadium has a number of independent lots located a bit away from the arena itself. This might be your best bet if you don't like your chances in the main lots.

Many college teams sell passes to their RV lots that must be purchased ahead of time. These tend to be popular, so try to call well in advance of gameday. Others will simply direct you to the lot when you drive to the stadium. Again, it varies from team to team so be sure you plan everything out before you make the trip.