Are You Towing Danger?

The A,B,C’s Of Towing From The Professor of RV’s


In this episode of Ask The Professor Texas Terry talks about spring time in Texas, and teaches Dave what what Blue Bonnets are. Then Terry pulls us into the most important part of owning a towable RV; the towing system. There is more to this system than you might think. The towing system is not just designed to keep your unit moving with your vehicle but also to keep your unit level and rolling down the road safely. As The Professor tells us in this episode there are things that you can do to make sure you’re putting saftey first when you’re heeding the call of adventure out on the open road.


by Neil King; Staff Writer

Terry explains what part of your towing system is the weakest link and just what that means for you and our vacation plans. The weakest link is dependent on the weight rating of your towing system. The Texas RV Professor also lectures on the weight distribution of your unit, why the weight distribution system is important, why it is important to know how much weight your system can handle, and Terry also goes over how these systems can keep you safe on the road.

One of the most important things for towing safety is something not directly related to you towing system at all. Terry’s talks about tires for your RV unit, what kind you need, how to find out what kind you have, and why the entire “running gear” system (tires, axel, springs, bearings, and breaks) is really the weak link of your RV. Also Terry explains how baby powder can help you asses your tire quality. All this and more in this episode of Ask The Professor!


Terry Talks:

  • Towing system
  • Tires
  • Weight Distribution System
  • Flat 4 Pin Wiring Hook Up
  • A In Depth Look At 7 Way Trailer Connector
  • Viewer Questions
Photo: Asifhebes