Life and Death: Brakes

Stopping Power!



When it comes to being safe on the road the rule is before you can go make sure you can stop! On this Ask The Professor Terry “The Texas Rv Professor” Cooper and Dave Dufour talk breaks. Brake maintenance is important and as Terry notes only expensive if you don’t do it, and end up in an accident. Brakes aren’t just an important point of maintenance on your RV, but it’s important to make sure your brakes on your towing vehicle are just as big of a factor in stopping your rig.



Neil King

Staff Writer

Terry discusses both kinds of brakes your RV might have and goes over how each kind works, the benefits/pitfalls of each kind, and what you need to know to keep your family safe on the road no matter what kind of brakes you may have.  The Professor says to check your brakes at least once a year if you are a casual RV enthusiast. However, Terry says that if you are a constant RV traveler you need to check your brakes more often as they will wear faster. How you are using your RV makes all the difference in how much maintenance your rig’s brakes requires. To find parts for your breaking system check here.

The brake controller is also an important part of keeping your braking system safe. Unfortunately, as Terry teaches us, not many people know just what a brake controller is and even few know what kind they have. Terry knows though, and shares this and many more of his tips and tricks in this Ask The Professor. So find a seat and get ready for class!


Terry Talks:

  • Brake Types
  • The Importance of Maintenance
  • How Often You Should Check Your Brakes
  • Brake Controllers: The Three Types
  • How To Test Your Brakes
  • The Professor Answers Questions From Viewers Like You!


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