Looping around the Olympic Peninsula

For those who love mountain scenery, the Olympic Peninsula in northern Washington is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country. If you've never been to Washington, you can pick out the area easily on a map – it is the small peninsula that juts out into the Pacific and forms the northeastern corner of the state. Located just below Canada, this stunningly beautiful area is just perfect for an RV vacation.

It's also a great place to practice some nature photography. Climbing up mountains and going on long hikes are fun in their own right, but photography is the perfect way to preserve these memories and show them to friends and family when you return home. The RVNN show "What's Wrong With This Picture?" can help travelers with their photography skills before they hit the road.

This trip is a great chance to see the city of Seattle, as it's the perfect starting point for the journey. There's tons to do in the city before you head out into the wilderness for a few days, so it might be smart to plan out some time there. Numerous RV campgrounds are located in the general vicinity, so hooking the RV up for a few nights shouldn't be a problem.

When you're ready to hit the road, National Geographic recommends taking Route 5 south of the city. This road travels around Puget sound and through the city of Tacoma, where it eventually connects to Route 101. This road encircles the entire Olympic Peninsula, so you can stay on it for your entire journey, barring side trips.

Port Angeles lies just outside Olympic National Park, and is a good place to stay for a night or two. If you want, you can take a ferry into the Canadian province of British Columbia and visit the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island from there.

There are numerous stops you'll want to make all along the journey, but one must-see is Lake Crescent, which many call the "most beautiful lake in the country," according to the news source.

One of the more unique sights during your trip is the Hoh Rain Forest. This beautiful forest located in the interior of the peninsula offers numerous hiking trails and absolutely stunning scenery. There's also the Quinault Rain Forest, which some locals prefer because it attracts fewer tourists.