Energy Zen: Wind/Solar Power

Nothing is Free… Except Green Energy!


Nothing is free! Well… nothing but the power you get from the sun or the wind. On this episode of Ask The Professor The Professor lectures on the benifits of going green when you’re on the go. One of  the greenest parts of using solar power is the green, dough that is, that you save! After instolation Terry says that solar power panels are essentially maintenance free. The down side to them is the weight of the batteries needed to store up all the free power you’ll be getting. Terry also discusses how to decide if solar power is right for you, and The Professor says it is not for everybody.



Neil King

Staff Writer

Wind power is another option for keeping your RV experiance powered. As Terry says though it isn’t something to do while you’re driving down the road. Snagging your wind turbine on a overpass wouldn’t be good for anyone involved. Terry teaches that a generator is only twelve to forteen percent effective, but the power you get from the wind is free. Texas Terry also goes over the drawbacks of wind power and the ins and outs of how it works for you. Terry sas that a good place to find information on green energy and a place to find equipment for making your RV green is

The real secret to going green on the go is using both of these kinds of power to help power your unit. Neither form of power will be able to power your RV on its own, especially after the sun goes down. Terry goes over the cost effectivness of going green, and how going green with your RV can save you money on your taxes. All this and more on the this episode of Ask The Professor!


Terry Talks:

  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • How Green Power Works for You
  • Advantages and Drawbacks to Each Kind of Power
  • How to Use Both


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