Alert: Severe Weather!

Severe Weather Ahead!


On this episode of Ask the Professor Texas Terry “The RV Professor” Cooper teaches the importance of knowing what the weather will be like where you are going, and the dangers of not knowing. The Professor says, “As an Rv’er watching the weather is like looking both ways before you cross the street. Let it become second nature to you!”


by Neil King

Staff Writer


Even in our homes severe weather can be a threat to our well being and in an RV we are even more vulnerable to the dangers that severe weather can present. Lucky for us though Terry is here to tell us exactly what we can do to make sure that we are prepared for stormy weather.

Step one to being safe, while it may sound simple, is the most important; be aware! Terry says to watch the forecasts, watch the clouds, and know your backup plan. There are many ways to access the forecast on the road, and Terry says it is good to have more than one with you. Listening on the radio to the National Weather Service is a great way to stay informed, but it is also good to have a backup source such as maybe a phone that you can access weather reports on. The best thing about keeping an eye on the weather is that most services are free. The Professor also teaches the need to be aware of our surroundings including the emergency locations within any park we may be camping at. Don’t let all this bad weather scare you though; Texas Terry is here to help you!


Terry Talks:

  • The Importance of Watching the Weather
  • How to Stay Informed
  • What to Look For On a Weather Radar
  • Where NOT to Be During Bad Weather
  • Viewer Questions and Comments
Photo: Sign- Hisks
Photo: Tornado- ubik2010