Adventure in Asheville, North Carolina

As the leaves turn, RVers should take this opportunity to get out and explore the country. Parts of America are truly beautiful in the fall, and getting out there and exploring can be a great way to see the country in a different light.

One area of the country that is particularly pretty this time of year is western North Carolina, specifically around the Asheville area. It seems like the whole western half of this state is covered by nationally-protected forests and parks. The Smokey Mountain chain also affords some truly spectacular views.

This is the kind of area where you almost want to get lost, as it seems as though beauty is around every corner. Those who have watched "Geocaching World" on RVNN know about that activity's popularity across the country, and western North Carolina is a great place to go hunting for caches. Armed with only a trusty GPS device, there are thousands of miles of marked and unmarked trails to explore in the numerous parks surrounding the city of Asheville, so it's a great chance to get out there and do some hiking.

Great Smokey Mountains National Park is a great choice if this sounds like your cup of tea. This is the most-visited National Park in the country, and its easy to spend days or even weeks exploring all 814 square miles. Whether you want to see waterfalls or go horseback riding, you can do it all in this fantastic slice of nature. Best of all, the park is very RV-friendly, with plenty of places to hook up and camp out for a few days.

If you're into whitewater rafting, you'll also love this area. To the south is Nantahala National Forest, which is named after the Nantahala River. Trips are available on both Class II rapids and Class III whitewater, with the latter only being available to experienced adventurers. Whether you've never tried the sport or are an old pro, this is one of the more popular rivers in the country, so its a good opportunity to do it.

If you'd rather just observe a waterfall rather than plunging down it, check out Catawba Falls Campground. This site offers full RV hookups, and is located very close to Catawba Falls, one of the more beautiful rivers and waterfalls in the area.