Monaco opening Elkhart service facility

Monaco RV has announced that it will be opening a new service facility in Wakarusa, Indiana, just south of the famous town of Elkhart.

Elkhart has become the center of the RV industry, as those who watch "RV Capital Talk" on RVNN are certainly well-aware of. Like many other manufacturers, Monaco has built its manufacturing facility very close to the town, although it is technically located in Wakarusa, just a few miles south.

Now, the company is expanding with a brand-new service facility, featuring 14 separate bays for RVs. According to a press release issued by Monaco, the new facility will be staffed by technicians already working for the company.

"The well-seasoned technicians will be veteran Monaco technicians, with years of experience working on Monaco products," the press release says. "Their expertise and familiarity of the products will make for efficient, comprehensive and timely service appointments for customers."

In addition to offering RV maintenance, the new building will also have a full-body paint booth for any touch-up work that needs to be done on the exterior.

To celebrate the opening, customers will be able to take advantage of $90 labor for approximately six months, with the offer expiring on April 1st of next year.