Is Your RV A Fire Hazard?

Is Your RV A Fire Hazard?

Nothing is as relaxing when your camping as sitting around a fire at night with family and friends and enjoying the peaceful quiet of the great outdoors. On this episode of Ask the Professor Texas Terry The RV Professor Cooper and Dave Dufour tell you about fire safety.

Neil King
Staff Writer

As wildfires have ravaged parts of Texas this year, sometimes affecting parked vehicles such as RVs, the Professor thought it woul d be a good time to talk about fire safety as it related to RVing. They aren’t just talking about wildfires on this episode. Your RV if not properly checked and regularly given maintenance can cause a fire all on its own.

About 1.2 million acres of grass and prairie land have been lost in Texas this year. Some of these fires have been caused by RVers! Terry tells us that it is not unattended camp fires or even anything to do with the camp site that causes these fires, but the RV itself. One of the ways this happens is because of the heat caused by friction in the bearings and tire area. The Professor teaches that these dangers can be prevented by simple maintenance.
If the worst happens and your unit does catch the fire bug though, what can you do? You know that 5 pound fire extinguisher that came with your rig? It isn’t big enough for anything above a grease fire. Terry says to have several extinguishers behind your seats (in a motorized rig) and in the curb-side compartment doors on the outside of the unit. Why the curb side you ask? The last thing you want to have to do while tying to put out a fire that sparked as you were going down the road is dodge traffic. Many safety tips like this and more with Texas Terry Cooper on this Ask the Professor!
Terry Talks:
  • Fire!
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Safety Tips
  • The Dreaded Road Gator
  • Tire Bearings
  • Brake Safety
Car Fire: Cempey
Extinguisher: Brofosifo