A mansion on wheels? Believe it

The largest RVs do a good job of recreating the experience of a home on wheels, even though RVers need to be prepared to make some sacrifices. But if you're used to living in a mansion, you might want that type of luxury in your RV.

That's where Australian company Marchi Mobile's $3 million eleMMent Palazzo comes into play. Some RVs might approach houses on wheels, but the Palazzo lives up to its name by providing a palace on wheels.

This massive vehicle is 40' feet long and features two floors, with additional space available via slideout. However, its the features list that truly makes this an insane vehicle. The master bedroom has its own bathroom with a rainfall shower and 40" TV. Everything is covered in leather and looks out of a high-end hotel room, complete with a skylight. Options include mobile internet, satellite television, and a working fireplace.

And that's with the slideout in – pop that out and you'll have a full bar with underfloor heating.

The company also makes two other versions of the eleMMent, one designed as a promotional vehicle and the other marketed as a VIP/executive shuttle.