Common RV A/C Sins

The 3 deadly sins will kill your A/C every time.

 Have you ever noticed that when you vacation in warmer weather that moisture builds up and rolls off of your RV’s roof? That’s because your RV A/C doesn’t just make your RV cooler. A RV A/C also strips all the moisture out of the air to make it dryer and more comfortable. Your A/C does more that you likely know for you. The Texas RV Professor is here to tell you how to take care of your coolest appliance and avoid the three A/C sins.
Neil King
Staff Writer
Sin 1: Bad Voltage
Your A/C will do everything it can to make sure you have the most comfort possible while you’re out there in the wilderness. The biggest thing you can do to make your A/C’s job harder (and ultimately ruin your A/C) is to not supply your A/C with the power it needs to keep you cool. You may think that just because you are plugged into an outlet that you are receiving the proper amount of voltage that your A/C needs, and if you think that you’re wrong! The Professor teaches us that just because you are hooked up to a campground outlet doesn’t mean that the full amount of voltage is coming through that outlet. Texas Terry tells you about a gadget that can help you monitor the kind of power you’re getting to make sure you’re getting the best out of your RV.

Sin 2: Poor Air Flow

Your A/C’s main way of keeping you cool is based around the ability for your A/C to move air both through the A/C unit itself and through your RV. Therefore, one of the biggest obstacles you can give your A/C is to keep the air flow free of obstructions. The Professor says the most important thing you can do to keep the air flowing and blowing is to clean your air filter. This might seem like a small thing but it can save you big headaches. Not to mention keep you cool in the summertime heat. Cleaning your filter is easy enough that you can do it in your RV sink. There’s more than just a filter to your airflow though and the professor is here to fill you in on all the facts.

Sin 3: Poor Discharge Air

Even if everything else is working to help your A/C if cold air isn’t coming out you’re still going to feel the heat. Ductwork has to be properly sealed for the cool air you want to get through your unit and inside to you. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed the only thing you’ll be cooling off is the top of your unit. All this and more on this Ask the Professor! 

Terry Talks:

  • Your Air Conditioner
  • The 4 Things Your RV A/C Does For You
  • Sin 1: Bad Voltage
  • What You Can Do To Make Sure You’re A/C Is Properly Powered
  • Sin 2: Poor Air Flow (Cleaning and straightening coils)
  • Simple Steps To Keep The Cold Air Coming
  • Sin 3: Poor Discharge Air
  • How To Keep Your Cold Air On Track
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