Non-profit incorporates RV into their mission

"Pros vs. GI Joes" is a California-based non-profit that looks to provide entertainment for troops stationed overseas through video games. Many soldiers are big gaming fans, and this charity helps connect these service men and women with celebrities and professional athletes who also play.

The group has put together games between athletes from the NFL, NBA and UFC with troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and elsewhere. As the organization began to grow, however, founders Addie and Greg Zinone realized that they would need a new plan to handle being on the road.

"We realized there was a bigger need," Greg Zinone told WCNC in North Carolina.

After visiting with many wounded troops across the country, Zinone opted to purchase an RV for his company, painting the words "Purpose Driven Rehab" on the side. The Zinones now recruit wounded soldiers to help staff the RV and take the vehicle to major sporting events. Tailgaters can come in and play with a soldier stationed overseas, and some of the athletes have been known to drop by as well.

With the RV now the center of the business, the husband-and-wife team have been helping soldiers in two different ways – giving those overseas a fun diversion, while giving the wounded soldiers that staff the RV a place to interact with others and put their energy to good use.