Your RV A/C’s Worst Enemy

Keeping It Cool With Mister Cool Himself: Terry Cooper

On this episode of Ask The Professor Texas Terry “The RV Professor” Cooper and RVNN’s Dave Dufour talk A/C’s.
Today’s A/C topic is heat gain. An RV A/C does as much to get rid of heat in your unit than it does to actually put cold air inside. This makes heat gain your arch nemesis  to keeping yourself cool. Most of the things that you can do to eliminate heat gain in your unit are free. Simple things such as closing blinds, putting awnings out, or parking your unit in the shade will keep the sun and therefore the heat out of your unit. Another way to reduce heat in your unit is something so simple it might be overlooked: use fans. Fans keep the air in the unit moving and not only does that keep air moving across your skin but it also makes your A/C’s job easier. As always you can do 80% of everything that needs done to your RV yourself if you let The Professor tell you how.

Neil King
Staff Writer
6 Ways to Reduce Heat Gain
1. Close the Curtains
2. Limit Stove and Cook Top Usage
3. Use Awnings to Create Shade
4. Utilize Fans
5. Install Roof Vent Shades
6. Change to LED type of Bulbs
Cleaning the A/C Filter
Improve the Air Flow
Seal the Duct Work
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