RV makers issue recalls

Several major RV manufacturers have released recalls on their models in October, and its important for RVers to stay up to date with this important product information.

Winnebago recalled certain 2011 Journey, Meridian, Tour, Ellipse motorhomes equipped with a Cummins ISX or ISL diesel engine. These vehicles have a t-bolt that could become fractured or damaged over time. This recall also applies to RVs made by Thor, including the 2011-2012 Tuscany, Astoria, and Avanti RVs. The Thor RVs use the same part as the Winnebago vehicles.

Airstream is recalling certain 2011-2012 International 16-foot RVs for an issue related to the tires. Apparently, the labels included on these tires display incorrect information. Airstream will be replacing these labels with the correct one so that drivers do not overinflate their tires.

Keystone 2012 Passport travel trailers manufactured during a very small period in September are missing a certain type of window. These models are supposed to have an “egress window,” which provides an exit in case of an emergency. They were accidentally installed with regular windows instead.

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