Alien Spotting

Alien spotting along the Extraterrestrial Highway

Many of the more famous highways in the country have visitors year round, but only one can claim to have visitors from another planet – the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.

Officialy known as State Route 375, this famous stretch of highway has been attracting visitors from both near and far for decades. The route starts in Crystal Springs, which is located north of Las Vegas. It’s an easy drive for RVers, and one that many choose to take. However, there are also tourist groups that leave regularly from Sin City if one wants to leave the RV behind for a bit.

Whatever you choose, be sure to watch a few episodes of “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” on RVNN before you go. You never know if you might end up catching a glimpse of an unidentified flying object, and if you do, you should be ready to snap a photo at a moment’s notice.

Extraterrestrial Highway seems like something out of the movies – and indeed, quite a few films have had plot points set around this area. The reason is that State Route 375 runs right past the heavily-restricted Area 51 base. The base is not open for tours, but there’s plenty of legends to hear and sights to see around the base, especially in the small town of Rachel, Nevada, which is approximately 150 miles north of Las Vegas.

There’s been quite a few UFO sightings along this road, and many of them have occurred at the famous “Black Mailbox,” which is a must-see sight for even the most skeptic of alien hunters. This site is rooted deep into the lore surrounding outside visitors, as it is said to be the spot where many of the more famous sightings have taken place. The mailbox is located in the middle of the desert, and is actually no longer painted black, although it’s not difficult to find, as most tour groups include the stop on their trip.

With about 90 miles of road officially designated as the Extraterrestrial Highway, the trip is doable in a day, but those truly interested in UFOs will probably want to stay longer. After all, the best time to stargaze is certainly at night – and who knows what you might find when you look up into the sky.