Geocaching Faux Paux

Geocaching Faux Pas

Andy Smith steps through mistakes that beginners and experienced geocachers often make.

  • Accidentally damaging a container… don’t mention it in the log
  • Spoilers in logs.
  • Logging a find when you didn’t actually find the container.
  • Submitting a cache online when you have not placed the container out yet
  • Assuming you have permission to place a cache because it is publicly accessible
  • Leaving caches exposed to the general population.
  • Non family friendly language in logs.
  • Hiding 20+ caches in a series and not taking care of them.
  • Any cache near electrical equipment, or masquerading as electrical equipment.
  • Finding your own caches.
  • How about placing a cache with deliberately soft coordinates to “make it harder” – sorry i skipped
  • Replacing a cache container with something different than is in the description, and not updating the description.

  • Listing an event at a restaurant that’s closed.
  • Using the Scuba attribute on caches on dry land to make it easier to search for power trails.
  • Using cheap plastic containers instead of something that will withstand the environment.
  • Keeping travelers f-o-r-e-v-e-r instead of moving them on.
  • Making a geocache that easily can be thought of as dangerous
  • Lying to the police about what you are doing
  • Speeding away from a geocache placement when spotted
  • Deliberately stomping down landscaping or other natural flora to get to a geocache when not necessary
  • Not replacing the geocache as found or better
  • Putting a geocache hide where you think it should be instead of the actual coordinates.
  • Parking where you should not be just to make the find easier
  • Hiding a geocache in a residential are where muggles are not going to appreciate the hide location