Hot Springs, AR: Pocket Quarry

Geocache Radar GCRD-104-1

GENERAL LOCATION : Today’s cache is near Hot Springs, AR


While in the Hot Springs area, you could

  1. Tour the Garvan Woodland Gardens
  2. Enjoy a horseback ride from Panther Valley Ranch to a nearby mountaintop to arrive to the smell of a sizzling steak dinner on the peak, prepared as you ride.
  3. Set up the entire family for a challenging game of golf at Pirates Cove Adventure Golf Course.

All within easy driving distance of today’s cache.


Todays cache is number
with a difficulty of 1.5 and Terrain of 2

  • Pocket Quarry
  • Cedar Glades Park
  • N 34° 31.* W 093° 05.*
  • Novaculite
  • Several other caches along the trail.


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Information is believed to be valid at the time of production, but conditions may change. Use common sense and caution, and do not trespass. Keep geocaching a fun and family RV activity.


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