Why I love Geocaching

The Valentine’s Day Show

– Geocaching World Show Notes #920

-Novatoba: @HeadHardHat love #geocaching for all the local cool spots to visit that as a tourist you wouldn’t get to see.—————————————-
PingVoyager:I Love Geocaching because… I can experience many different things while im caching.#1 How has the cache hider made his/her cache different to make it more challenging to find.#2. ? mystery caches! many puzzle caches that make the cache find more difficult.

#3 Exploring Rivers and waterfalls you never new that existed

#4 Caching that includes kayaking

#5 Caching that includes Hiking

#6 Caching that includes Bicycling

#7 Adventure of climbing walls/trees etc just to grab a cache.

#8 travel bugs and geocoins

#9. You can cache almost anywhere in the world.

#10 most of all the rush to get that “FTF” First To Find

Louis / Nighthawk700 – Photos in email..

Why I love geocaching!

1) The thrill of the hunt. Sometimes I can feel my pulse quickening as I get to Ground Zero! 🙂

2) Some geocaches make me push my limits. Case in point: (My legs were shaking the whole time…)
Dads_First_Princess (facing the camera) was very nervous about going in the tunnel. She made me promise over and over that I wouldn’t turn off the lights. She did just fine once she got in. Dads_Second_Princess just ran right in.

3) It’s great to go geocaching with the kids. (at a night geocache)

4) Taking friends (the kids’ friends, and the grownups’ friends) out to learn caching. (I didn’t have time to ask the friends if I could use their picture, so I improvised… They really were smiling like this anyway.)
————————————————————-Denise E. Vajdak ><> (aka NativTxn)Let me count the ways…
It takes me places and allows me to see things I would have never otherwise seen.Plus…I’ve met some of the coolest people through geocaching (face-to-face and online). It’s like a family that I never knew I had.—————————————————————-Amanda Alsip

I love Geocaching because of so many things.

1st – the time spent with family.
2nd – The friends we have made.
3rd – The awesome new places we have found.
4th – spending time outside, seeing the beauty of nature! 5th – The exercise we get! I am sure there are more, but that is off the top of my head 🙂


Android_Travels: @headhardhat It’s always different, exciting, and you never see the same place twice! Never thought I would have #travel so many places.


– GiantPickle – aka Clint Rose

It takes me to places that I never would have thought of going
It is a great excuse to get out and enjoy the sunrise in different places
It is a very enjoyable way to get exercise
It helps me be creative in figuring out new ways to hide caches
It is fun for the whole family
It is a great way to meet people and learn new things about your community
It’s just really DARN fun



– There is a great sense of community that is literally world wide. I can go “Let’s Go Geocaching just about anywhere in the world and there are fellow geocachers there happy to ablige.
– Geocachers who care about their communities and the planet. Picking up trash where others dread to enter.
– I love finding myself in an environment I never expected. Be it at the beach, in the mountains, in a swamp or deep woodlands. When you are suddenly in the thick of it there is nothing like that moment.
– Many times I love hiding a geocache as much or more than finding one.
– I love that “found it – gadzooks!” moment after many unsuccessful attempts at finding that particular geocache.
– I love having a “spider or geocache sense” go off when looking for a geocache and be right.
– I love that smile and almost giddy feeling when I spot a well placed geocache for the first time
– I love being a seven year old again when opening up an ammo box. Finding that really cool swag item.
– I love the logical thinking involved when finding a challenging geocache.
– I love that magical moment when I find nature at just the right time as if it was meant just for me.
– I love spending time with others while geocaching. Sometimes for the companionship others for the competition.
– I love geocaching for the journey and to where ever it takes me… -HHH