Wellness Exam Basics

Dr. Windy’s approach to pet care!

Prevent the preventable, treat the treatable, and manage the manageable.







There is a lot more that goes into being healthy than just vaccinations.

There are four areas that need to be addressed for good wellness care.

  1. History – what kind of lifestyle does your pet have? Home body? Traveller? Indoors, outdoors, dog parks, groomers, camping, etc.

Food habits, activities, what do you notice at home about your pet?

  1. Physical Exam – what can we asses with our five senses and medical knowledge. This is as important, if not more than, the vaccinations. Discuss internal study of wellness exams.

Body condition

Dental disease

Internal Masses – abdominal palp, rectal, mouths

Common does not equal normal

  1. Early Detection Screening – fecal test, heartworm, bloodwork, urine, rads, etc. age and breed specific (large breed dogs and hips and atifles, cats kidneys,etc)

Organ reserves, hard wired cats and dogs predator/scavenger instincts

What we can’t see on a physical or at home

It is always cheaper and easier and more successful to find problems early and small.

  1. Owner education – why do we need to do these things?
  2. Baselines, subclinical problems,
  3. What are we looking for ? What do the tests see
  4. What do we do about it if we find a problem
  5. How do I maximize my pet’s longevity AND comfort/quality of life?

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