CITO: Cache In, Trash Out

The 10th Annual Cache In Trash Out Weekend is scheduled for April 21st and 22nd, 2012.

Geocachers around the world celebrate International Cache In Trash Out weekend annually by hosting and participating in CITO Events in their local area.

· What is CITO: Cache In Trash out. Cache In Trash Out is an ongoing environmental initiative supported by the worldwide geocaching community.

· Who does Cito and Why?

· Cache In Trash Out Weekend will be Saturday, April 21st and Sunday 22nd



Events might be focused on:

· Litter clean-up

· Removal of invasive species

· Revegetation efforts

· Building trails

· Did we mention that we also have a bit of fun while we’re at it?


· Plan on bringing tools – gloves, bags, grabber, walking stick, pickup truck or removal service – sometimes provided


· Why do state and county parks ask so many geocachers to have CITO events in their park? Many parks hold picnics for people who help them during the year – loads of fun.


· The world is our game board and we like to keep it clean. Picking up trash back and forth from a geocache is routine for many.


· Show your kids so they can pass it on.


· What to watch out for when geocaching.. Poke it with a stick


· Host your own CITO event. I attended a very nice one a year or two back hosted by a 14 year old boy and his mother – we all had a great time.


Geocaching Question:

Which continent is the only one without a geocache?


Geocaching Answer:

Trick question! All continents—including Antarctica have caches placed on them. There are caches in 100 countries and on all seven continents!