Canine Heartworm: Silent Killer

Dr Windy talks about the ever widening spread of Heartworm






As you travel, there is no geographic region that heartworm is not a risk to your pet.  There are not a lot of outward signs until the disease is advanced and there are myths about location and treatment that need to be addressed.


A couple of myths:

  1. Heartworms live in the heart – actually in the vessels out to the lungs
  2. Don’t need to start prevention until 6 months – no! can get infected at any age.
  3. Mosquitoes are only out during the summer.
  • Heat Island – urban areas warmer than open, rural areas and mosquitos can breed quickly.

Katrina and Rita – really redistributed heartworms. Southern dogs being re located

National Shortage!

Prevention – which Is the best? The one that gets used. Concerns about resistance have boiled down to not using correctly.

Additional benefits – zoonosis

Who needs it? Has been found in all states of continental US. Don’t forget, you are traveling also!


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