Top navigation apps to download before you go RVing

The automotive world has greatly benefited from technological advances in recent years, and drivers have access to smartphone apps that help them find the cheapest gas stations, monitor their vehicles' well-being and even help them find their misplaced keys. With thousands of apps designed for driving, it can be tough to find those best suited for RV travel, but here are three of the best navigation apps you will be glad to have on your next trip.

OffMaps is ideal for areas with no service and traveling outside the U.S.

When you drive across the country, you're likely to pass through locations where your cell phone gets no service. If you're relying on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android device to direct you to your next RV destinations, you will want to download OffMaps. This app allows you to download maps to your phone and navigate using GPS, which does not require cell service. The ability to navigate outside of your cell service is also ideal if you're planning to go RVing in Canada or Mexico, as you may otherwise incur expensive roaming charges.

RoadNinja shows you what lies beyond the exit ramp

Half the fun of traveling in an RV is discovering new places and exploring local towns along the way, but when you need to find a gas station, it's a pain to pull off the highway and find there are none nearby. RoadNinja shows you what each exit offers so you don't waste time when it counts. The app also lists food, hotels and local attractions, and even alerts you when there are special promotions or discounts at certain locations.

INRIX Traffic! helps you avoid pesky traffic jams

Traveling down the open road can be exhilarating and fun, but no one wants to be stuck in backed-up traffic for hours, especially when you're trying to make it to your RV campgrounds before check-in time. The INRIX Traffic! app can help, as it alerts you to problems and events that may cause traffic to come to a screeching halt. It can predict approximate travel times based on real-time traffic updates, and also shows the current state of traffic on a particular road compared to its usual flow.