Puyallup RV Show in May will showcase new RV technology and more

The 2012 Puyallup RV Show in Puyallup, Washington, is fast approaching, and in the first few days of May, RV enthusiasts will be able to check out the latest in RV technology and equipment. The event caters to seasoned RV travelers as well as those who are just starting to warm to the idea of motorhomes and RV travel. On display will be the latest motorhomes, camping trailers and hybrid RV technology. Guests will also be able to find out about a number of RV destinations and financing options for buying a new RV.

"This year we have added Ask the Technician and RV Walk-Through attractions to the show," said show director Dave Helgeson. "New and existing RV enthusiasts will be able to meet with a seasoned RV technician to ask questions about anything related to RV accessories, repairs and emerging RV technology. The RV Walk-Through is a chance for attendees to do a walk-through just as is they were taking delivery of their very first RV. This allows them to learn the intricate details of how most RVs and their on-board equipment function so they feel more confident when making a purchasing decision."

There are also going to be a number of models designed for those who are looking for something a bit more stationary. Some RVs are meant to be towed to a specific location and placed in a natural setting. They feature ample floor space and are designed to be similar to vacation cabins. These and hundreds of other RV models will be on display, and those in the market to buy will be able to take advantage of special event-only discounts and incentives. The show's sponsor, Washington State Employees Credit Union, will be on hand for those looking to apply for a loan to purchase their mobile vacation home.

People who already own RVs can visit the exhibition to find out about the latest devices designed to facilitate a lifestyle on-the-go, from new navigational systems and structural amenities to bathroom fixtures and road-ready kitchenware. For RV lovers in the Washington area, this is the ideal place to see the newest developments and offerings for the RV lifestyle.