RV Travel Tips: Avoiding boredom on the road

When your RV destinations are spread out across many long stretches of highway, boredom can strike for your passengers. Taking turns driving can be a great way for adults to break up the monotony, but you'll still want something to occupy passengers when you are on the road for long periods of time.

Family oriented games and activities can pass the time

Taking a trip in an RV affords you the ability to bring along extras that traveling in a car makes impossible. You can throw a couple of your favorite board games or a deck of cards in the camper to provide fun, interactive distractions when a long drive lies between RV campgrounds. Just make sure you get something that is road-friendly. While you may have the space for Monopoly or Risk, one bump in the road could send pieces flying all over the motorhome. Operation can be a fun choice, as the added element of driving makes it even more challenging.

Forget the board and the pieces and use your imaginations

Sometimes the best games to play are the ones you make up yourselves. Come up with games you can play with the kids along the highway, such as counting roadside sights like animals and barns. Tell each other stories, or create one together where everyone gets to come up with one sentence at a time. Be creative and have fun. You might invent a game the family plays for years to come.

Don't try to outlaw alone time

While it's true a vacation is a time for family bonding, it's just as important to take a vacation from one another every now and then. After you've exhausted your group activities, let the kids play video games for a while. If you're driving, this is a good chance to listen to a book on tape or just enjoy the silence. When someone else is behind the wheel, you can read a book, watch a movie or do whatever you please. Letting your family do their own thing for a while will go a long way toward preventing everyone from getting on each other's nerves.