RV Technology: Magellan offers new RV-specific GPS devices

RV travel is a great way to see the country and save a little cash while doing so. Staying at RV campgrounds is less expensive than getting hotels when you go on vacation and driving is certainly more affordable than flying. However, when you are RV trip planning and mapping out routes, you need to be careful which roads you take. Whether you drive a large motorhome or tow a trailer behind your car, it's important to take bridge and weight clearance into consideration. Traditional maps, online navigation assistants and regular GPS systems do not include this information.

Magellan, a leading GPS device manufacturer, recently announced the addition of four new models to the RoadMate series to their lineup. These GPS systems are designed with RV travelers in mind. You can plug in information such as the height, width and weight of your RV as well as personal travel preferences and the RoadMate will determine the best route to your RV destinations.

"The Magellan RoadMate family of RV GPS devices, coupled with Good Sam Club discount locations and the Trailer Life Directory, are the ideal RV travel companions for a safer, more enjoyable and less stressful RV road trip," said Stig Pedersen, Magellan's associate vice president of product management. "We know just how challenging it is to drive over-sized vehicles on varying roadways, and have equipped the new Magellan RoadMate RV devices with the best features and content to assist drivers before and during their journey."

Not only does this RV technology help you avoid roads where your RV won't fit, it alerts drivers when exits are coming up with enough time to get into the appropriate lane on the highway. They can even be paired with wireless backup cameras. In addition, these navigators can help you find RV campgrounds and more than six million attractions across the country, thanks to a partnership with the Good Sam Club.

The features of these new GPS systems can make it easier to plan a trip in your RV. Since you can search for attractions and campgrounds on the go, you can be more spontaneous when you hit the road. If you're feeling especially adventurous, you can even set out without a particular destination in mind and just wing it.