Goals and Challenges

Everyone has their personal Geocaching Goals and Challenges.

We take a look at some of the more popular choices!

One Response to “Goals and Challenges”

  1. Lafitefl says:

    HHH & Courtney,
    I just finished watching the “goals & challenges” geocaching world. I found i=
    t interesting when you were talking about the 366 challenge and it’s difficu=
    lties. The irony being that I had just completed this challenge the day befo=
    re. (366 consecutive days with finds). You got it right when you discussed t=
    he challenges. I had no idea how challenging it would become. I found myself=
    driving farther and farther out of my way. I saved certain “easier” caches f=
    or rainy days (which came in handy during the to recent Tropical storms). It=
    took more strategizing and forethought than I would have imagined. But in t=
    he end it was quite an odyssey.=20
    But now what to do?=20
    Enjoy the show, Thanks lafitefl (Greg)