Deciding whether to tow a regular car or go “toadless”

Many people who enjoy RV travel will hitch their everyday car to the back of their motorhome. This makes it easier to get around town once you've reached your RV destination, but it may not be necessary to bring the vehicle, often referred to as a "toad" car, according to Full Time RVer.

Why bring a car when you've already got transportation?

When you stop at RV campgrounds for more than a night or two, you may want to make a trip into town or visit a local attraction. This can be a cumbersome undertaking if you're planning to drive the RV. You'll have to unhook the RV, pack up your belongings so the journey isn't filled with items flying all over the RV and find a place to park the motorhome, which can often be difficult. If you've got a car, it's much easier to travel around the area.

Advantages of going "toadless"

If you choose to leave your car at home on your next road trip, there will be a few perks. Towing a car will add weight to your RV, which in turn contributes to gas consumption, so you'll wind up paying less at the pump without a spare vehicle in tow. Plus, you have to fill up two tanks instead of just one if you want to drive your car as well as your RV. Many RV resorts provide shuttles to nearby attractions and you can always rent a car for a day if you want to go somewhere that isn't RV accessible, so you likely won't be stuck if you don't have your own car.

Make the choice

Mapping out your trip can help you decide whether or not to go toadless. If you want to explore an area around your campsite, you may be able to bring along bicycles instead of a car for getting around. Visit websites or call ahead to roadside attractions to ensure their parking lots can accommodate your RV ahead of time. If they don't, you can choose whether to find another destination or bring your car along for those sights that you can't miss out on. You can also choose RV parks based on whether they offer alternative transportation.