Flagstaff and Jerome – two gems of Arizona

When people think of Arizona, the cities of Phoenix and Tuscon may come to mind, but there are many other places in the state worth a visit. Flagstaff is a city full of culture and diversity, and travelers who want a taste of history can visit Jerome nearby.

Flagstaff is located 7,000 feet above sea level in the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the world, according to FlagstaffArizona.org. Its location makes it a paradise for nature lovers, as the mountains and forest are perfect for climbing, and the high altitude makes the climate particularly enjoyable during the warmer months.

In addition to the offerings for nature enthusiasts, Flagstaff has a number of attractions that will be great for the whole family. After you’ve parked your travel trailer at one of the city’s RV campgrounds, you can visit a number of museums and restaurants or the city’s quaint downtown area.

If you have some time to spend in the area, check out the nearby town of Jerome, which is a place like none other. Known as “America’s Most Vertical City,” Jerome is a small, former mining town located atop Cleopatra Hill, at 5,200 feet.

The road to Jerome is not for the faint of heart – it is a narrow passage. Those with a smaller motorhome and excellent driving skills – not to mention nerves of steel – will find it to be no problem.

Founded in 1876, Jerome was once a booming copper town, but today the mines are out of use, giving the town its other nickname – “Largest Ghost Town in America,” according to AZJerome.com. Today, the town that once was home to thousands now only has around 450 permanent residents, most of whom are artists, retailers, musicians and owners of bed and breakfasts.

This peculiar city still has some old-fashioned saloons where travelers can wet their whistles. There are a number of restaurants in the town as well, including Gisele’s Bakery, which offers something known as “cheesecake on a stick.”

After a good meal, head over to the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town, the site of the original Gold King Mine. Though miners originally opened the mine looking for copper, they struck gold instead. Now, a museum stands in its place, which features a walk through an authentic mine shaft.

Once RVers have had their fill of Jerome, they can travel from there to any number of locations in Arizona, including mystical Sedona or the majestic Grand Canyon.