Star Trek Fans Won’t Want to Pass By Riverside, Iowa, on their RV travel

Any die-hard Star Trek fans know Captain James T. Kirk will be born in Riverside, Iowa, on March 22, 2228, and the people of the town are very much aware of their home's fictional destiny. Riverside is affectionately known as the "Future Birthplace of James. T. Kirk" and the townspeople have gone all out to prepare for the starship captain's arrival. This town is also the sight of the annual Trek Fest, which is held every June in lieu of the original summertime event, Riverfest, according to Roadside America.

This year's Trek Fest will be held on June 29 and 30, with a focus on Episode 54 – Omega Glory. The 28th annual event will have plenty of fun things for Star Trek fans to do and see. There will be a dog show with races, trick contests and obstacle courses. Those planning RV travel with their canine companions may even be able to compete.

True Trekkies can test their knowledge in the trivia contest at the Railroad Park Pavilion across the street from The Voyage Home museum before catching a performance by Star Trek Impersonator Mark Kuehnle. Trek Fest also has a kid's parade on Friday followed by the main parade on Saturday morning, which features Trek-inspired floats. There will be free screenings of Star Trek episodes, along with a sci-fi swap meet where you may be able to find cool souvenirs and Star Trek memorabilia.

If you missed the festival, you can still enjoy the many sci-fi offerings in Riverside, including The Voyage Home – Riverside History Center. The museum chronicles the town's history and has an entire room devoted to Star Trek where you can learn about the town's ties with the Star Trek franchise. In the town square you will find the USS Riverside NCC-1818, a scale model of a starship designed after the Starship Enterprise. It is not an exact replica of Kirk's ship, due to licensing issues, but it's hard to ignore the similarities.

Whether you want to check out Trek Fest or explore the future birthplace of one of the Starfleet's most important commanders when the town is quieter, Riverside is sure to be a fun stop on your next vacation.