What to do with downtime at RV campgrounds

Your family vacation is likely to be action-packed and full of fun RV destinations and exciting things to do, but every second of your trip doesn't need to be spent touring museums or visiting national monuments. It is always nice to spend at least a day or two relaxing at your campsite, so you don't exhaust yourselves. A day off from sightseeing can be just what the doctor ordered and leave your group refreshed and ready for more museums and trail hiking.

If you're staying at an RV resort, you can take advantage of the amenities they offer to play or get some chores done. Most resorts have swimming pools, playgrounds, general stores and laundromats and some even include other fun things like game rooms and mini golf courses. The swimming pool will be supervised by a lifeguard, so if your kids are old enough to go on their own, you can stay behind and have a peaceful afternoon napping in the sun, reading or doing pretty much whatever you feel like doing.

When you're staying at a more barebones campground, you can bring along your own outdoor games to pass the time. Frisbees, footballs and baseballs are perfect as they don't take up a lot of space and are fun for all ages. You can also consider packing other outdoor games like bocce and ladder ball if you've got the room for them. Campgrounds near lakes often offer boat rentals so you can spend your day on the water fishing or just paddling around the lake. If you've gotten to know other campers, you can consider organizing a group barbecue to enjoy the outdoors with new friends.

You may enjoy lounging at your campsite so much, you'll want to stay there the entire time. But just as too much sightseeing can be exhausting, too much downtime can get boring, so don't forget to spend at least some of your vacation exploring your RV destinations. You can visit historic landmarks, tour a museum or even just stop off at some unique roadside attractions en route to your campground to add a little spice to your RV travel.