When Geocachers Go Bad !

What NOT to do when Geocaching!









What NOT to do when Geocaching – Show Notes

Dave DeBaeremaeker

Don’t:- lie to police about what you are doing- trespass- damage property- forget to sign the log- place caches without permission from the land managers- damage a cache and not report it to the CO- park illegally- really, keep it legal all the way around, folks.- place an LPC if there is ANY other option- still, rethink that LPC… if you can’t hide it any other way is it really that interesting a location to place a cache in?- use Altoids cans for cache containers- take TBs or geocoins and keep them for yourself.- forget the bug spray/sun block/ water.- place pens in ziploc baggies (great way to ensure they will get punctured prematurely)- forget your GPSr in/at a cache- Agree to take your wife caching, then leave without her (sorry honey!)- assume the cache as a pen, always bring your own (heck, bring 3–4!)- forget the extra batteries for your GPSr- cache alone in the woods without telling someone your planned route, and expected return time.- place a cache that looks like a bomb- consider this list complete.

Bill Derwent

I Couldn’t agree more with Dave there. He covered pretty much every item I was going to come up with. Oh, do not put food in a cache as a swap, when it goes off, it really goes off.

Dave DeBaeremaeker

What it really breaks down to, don’t violate the guidelines as outlined by Groundspeak – a very good start to good caching etiquette (not sure what other listing services have as guidelines, but I expect they are similar)

Who is the number one ranked geocacher in the world? Cacherstats – http://www.cacherstats.com

Answer:Alamogul with 67600+ goecaches found – from Sunny Alamo, CA