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COMMENTS From Google +
psi -lo
Just currently.
Dave Self
All those listed above, but I bet you knew that! Though it has to something specially brought to my attention to use Garmin’s (OX) site. I have also found a few caches on and I’d definitely go for some some Geocaching Australia caches if I found myself in Oz or New Zealand. Oh, and I also play with traditional Letterboxing, a bit.
Adam Spears
fairly new to geocaching, only use now
Iris N.
I’m using and
Dave DeBaeremaeker
just use The rest are not popular enough in my area to care about at present.
Louis Caplan
Primarily GC .com. But I dabble in, and TerraCaching. I placed one (Garmin, OX) for a diversified cacher contest. No one has found it yet, and I felt like I needed a decontamination shower after placing it. (I really don’t like they way they keep encouraging cachers to cross list onto OX, even offering prizes and such for moving things over.
Silvio Jahnke
Denise Vajdak
I have finds and hides on +OpenCaching North America, and plus letterboxes on and Then there’s +Munzee too. I don’t like to limit myself! 😉
Craig Rathbone
Geocaching Australia of course 🙂
In my state alone we are at over 30% of exclusively listed caches.
I started using GCA before I became a developer there as I felt like gc was devolving the game rather than innovating it. This still holds true. Have not listed a gc cache since 2005
Angela Skellams, and I’ve more listed caches on gca than gc.
James Finger
GCA and, but Ive used over there as well!
What Not To Place As A Geocache
Dave DeBaeremaeker (Google+)
Just a few off the top of my head (I will avoid my rant about micro spew in general, and stick with examples of bad containers 🙂
Containers I have seen that do not work:
– Altoids cans (rust out and become nice sharp razor blades)
– Pill bottles (especially if not hidden in a water free environment)
– just a ziplock bag (works in very limited contexts, but not if you are dumping it under a bush)
– sandwich containers (those thin plastic things you get from a deli, not the tupperware style)
– I once saw a plastic box that you get wood screws in… seriously, not a solid design for a cache container.
– Plastic Coke bottle
HeadHardHat’s Dunk Test –
Dave Wrote:
In general, if in doubt, give your cache container the ultimate test. Put a tissue paper inside, seal it up, and run it through the dish waster. If the tissue is still dry at the end, it is a suitable container – if not, re-think using it.
Where NOT To Place Geocaches
Dave Wrote:
– Near government buildings. You may have the right, but it can lead to issues with official muggles, and bomb squads.
– Near schools – same reason
– In your front yard WITHOUT making sure it is placed with knowledge of the neighbours AND the address posted. Nothing worse than pulling up to a cache in a subdivision and not being sure which front lawn to violate looking for a cache. I have a cache hidden in my front yard, but it is very obvious and visible as a cache.
– 50th yard line of the Super Bowl – seriously, muggle central! (wouldn’t it be awesome if the coin used for the kick off be a geocoin tho?)
– In known Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac patches
– In sticky bushes (holly is evil)
– In planted gardens – too many careless folks will damage the plants as part of the search. In general if there are sensitive areas near GZ that you want cachers to avoid, be sure to mention it clearly in the description. There is a cacher around my area that specifically states in his descriptions that the cache is not around decorative plants just to avoid this issue – I have a lot of respect for that.
– Anywhere where you don’t have permission.
– In known flood zones (unless you take the proper precautions to ensure it will not get washed away – tie it down solidly and use a very solid waterproof container as an example)
Geocaches in SPACE
Coming up on June 23rd I will be attending the Geocache in Space “L.E.I.F.” MMXII Launch Party!
Geocache code GC3M45Z
Link to page:
Hosted by Echo Six Charlie
LEIF stands for Low Earth Inner-orbital Flight
Thank You to ACFever, Crime Analyst from the Bloomington Illinois Police – Geocoin…