Give each other some space when the family goes RVing

When you and the family hit the road for a long vacation in your RV, you may get sick of being around one another from time to time. As much as RV travel is all about family bonding, you should also plan to spend time on your own.

When you're staying at RV campgrounds, the kids can go swimming in the lake or the pool – as long as a lifeguard is on duty – while the adults relax in the sun, go for a hike or even head to town. At the end of the day, get everyone together for a barbecue or go out to dinner. You'll have plenty to talk about and you may find any tensions that were building from spending all your time in the RV have dissipated.

This approach also works when visiting museums, theme parks and other RV destinations. If you've got very young kids who can't be left alone, you can bring along an older relative or friend as a babysitter so you can get some alone time on the road.