How to save money while RVing: Keeping an eye on the little things

When you pack your family in the RV and hit the road for a vacation, it is a good idea to set daily budgets along the way to avoid overspending on things like snacks, knick-knacks and other small purchases that can really add up.

If you're planning to visit a few major attractions and you know you're going to want to get mugs, t-shirts or keychains at each place to remember your trip, set aside money for these trinkets in advance. You should also factor in other expenses when you visit museums, theme parks and other RV destinations. Give your kids each a small allowance for the day that they can use to buy ice cream or spend at the arcade. You can also find out in advance if the places you plan to visit allow you to bring in your own food and drinks. If so, take full advantage, as this can save you a decent chunk of change.

Seek out free activities and events along your way. Nothing is better than coming across an awesome roadside attraction and then finding out it doesn't cost a dime to see it. The "world's largest" items scattered throughout the U.S. are typically outside and you can usually stop to admire them without having to pay an entry fee.

Once you've settled in at RV campgrounds, you may find you'd like to take a trip into town to visit a local shop or do a bit of exploring. If you bring bicycles along, you can get there without having to pay for a cab, and you'll get exercise too. This is a great way to cut costs throughout your trip. Plus, it makes it easy to stop off at a park in between RV destinations and stretch your legs by riding around the paths.

If you are conscious of where you're spending money, you can find ways to save and stick to a budget without feeling like you're restricting yourself. You are on vacation after all. So, plan ahead and do your best to stay within your budget and you won't have to worry about coming home with empty pockets and more "All I got was this t-shirt" souvenirs than you know what to do with.