Tips to create less trash during RV travel

Before you and your family hit the road for your next adventure, you should do a bit of RV trip planning to ensure you are not filling up trash bags every single day. These days, there are so many options that are far less wasteful than one time use items like paper plates and plastic utensils. It may seem like it is more cost effective to buy a stack of paper plates than it is to buy a set of dishes for your RV, but this is wasteful and can actually wind up being more expensive over time.

There are plenty of affordable options for reusable travel gear, from plastic washable dishes, cups and flatware to cloth napkins and reusable containers. You will only need to purchase everything you need once, and you'll never run out of anything when you're at RV campgrounds. Instead of running to the store for more paper plates when the burgers are almost ready, you need only wash and dry a few dishes and you're good to go without ever leaving your campsite. Plus, this is a great way to keep your kids from getting lazy with their chores on the road.

When you're throwing away every plate, fork and napkin you use for every meal, you will find the trash barrel in your RV needs to be changed pretty frequently. This won't be the case if you switch to reusable goods. You'll not only be saving yourself the hassle of taking out the trash every time you stop the RV, but you'll be doing good for the environment as well.

The same goes for food and drinks. Instead of buying a case of soda cans, pick up a bottle. You can also bring along your own shopping bags for those times you need to visit the store. Many grocery stores offer $0.05 back for every reusable bag you use instead of taking a plastic bag. Fewer plastic bags will lead to less trash filling up the barrel. However, if you have a dog, you might want to have some of these on board to bring along on those special walks.