Color Your Trip Photos !

Social Entertainment Photos with Color Effects







  • Dennis takes a look at the practical application of apps -tweaking smartphone photos.
  • Create dramatic images by removing colors or changing them entirely.
  • For iOS devicesFREE Download
  • Pro Version Available: 10mp photo editing and more!$0.99 Download
  • Import photos directly from Facebook, your camera or photo library
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Recolor images with any color of your choice
  • Tips from Dennis
  • Simple adjustments can improve the appeal of your photo. Sharpening, color balance, contrast, brightness call can stand some adjustment in most photos.
  • Change a color photo to B&W can make it more interesting.
  • Color tones or washes can provide interesting qualities but be careful not to go too far or use too often.
  • Even a playful kitten photo is boring if it is not in focus and clear. Throw away the dogs!
  • Try cropping to get a more interesting perspective.
  • Next week’s show: Photo Storage and Management
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