Working from the road when you go RVing

If you have the option to work from home, you can do so from the road as well. This is especially beneficial when you want to take a trip but you don't have enough vacation days. However, this will require a bit of RV trip planning to ensure you can get your work done.

Have a good strategy for internet connectivity

More likely than not, you're going to need to go online to conduct business. Many RV campgrounds offer WiFi, but what do you do if you need to get work done while you're in between RV destinations? For this, you should get in touch with your cellphone provider. Most wireless providers offer HotSpot packages that allow you to convert your smartphone into a WiFi hotspot. You can also get a separate mobile device that operates on the provider's network. However, whichever route you choose, expect service to be slower than what you're used to at home. You can go online to find out what other people thought of the service to find the best option for your needs.

Plan your trip around your work schedule

While this is not an ideal way to vacation, you have to make the best of your situation. If you are the only driver, you should schedule travel times around your work hours. Otherwise, you can have someone else take the wheel so you can get your work done and you don't lose valuable vacation time. If necessary, schedule activities for your family to do while you work. Plan for them to return to the motorhome around when you're finishing up work so you can spend quality time together.

If at all possible, you can always work hard prior to your trip to lighten your workload. The extra effort leading up to the trip might be tiring, but it will pay off once you're out on the road and you're not bogged down with emails, reports and paperwork. If you have a vacation day or two saved up, save them for the end of the trip. Get your work out of the way early on so you can really enjoy the final days of your trip.