Planning an RV trip to Disneyland

With summer officially here and the kids out of school, it's the perfect time to plan an RV vacation. One of the more popular RV destinations is Disneyland in California. The Golden State is already a wonderful area to take the RV for a few days, and Disneyland will provide the extra incentive to get the entire family onboard.

One of the major benefits of taking the RV to Disneyland is cost. Many of the onsite hotels in Disneyland get booked up months in advance, and hotels in the immediate area can be quite expensive.

Camping in an RV will definitely save some money, but don't assume you'll be able to simply drive into any campground you want. Disneyland is one of the more popular theme parks in the world and the RV campgrounds surrounding it may well be booked up for the time you want to visit. Whether you plan on visiting for just a day or want to spend your entire vacation there, planning an RV trip to Disneyland will require some foresight.

One of the closest RV campgrounds to Disneyland is Anaheim Resort RV Park. This campground, like many of the sites in the area, offers a free shuttle to Disneyland that can make transportation easy. Alternatively, the campground is just about a mile away from the main gate, so it's not too bad of a walk. The campground has free WiFi, a pool, a cafe, and a number of shuttles to other California attractions, such as Hollywood and Universal Studios.

If you don't want to stay in Anaheim, the nearby town of Orange may be your best bet. The Orangeland Recreational Vehicle Park offers many of the same amenities as the Anaheim Resort RV Park, but is slightly further away. Still, the park says it's about a five minute ride over to Disneyland, so staying one town over likely won't be a major issue – and it might be less crowded than some of the closer campgrounds.

Due to the popularity of Disneyland and Southern California in general, there are dozens upon dozens of other options for your RV vacation in the area. Be sure to do some research to compare the distance away from the park as well as the nightly rates and available amenities.