RV travel to Mexico could lead to insurance cost increases

Just like most other vehicles, your RV needs to be insured to travel legally on the roadways. If you are planning to do a bit of international travelling this summer, you should be aware that the cost of insuring a vehicle in Mexico can be expensive. However there are ways to save on this necessary fee.

International insurance for your RV can cost up to twice as much as what you're already paying to drive your motorhome around the U.S., but you may be able to find discounts and other savings options by partnering with an RV club. Many of these organizations make deals with Mexican insurance companies to get group rates that can help you save.

"RVers can actually get much better coverage and a much cheaper price by purchasing RV insurance from a specialty RV insurance carrier in the U.S.A., which provides a Mexico Physical Damage Endorsement, and coupling it with a Liability policy from a Mexican carrier," said Derek Kartchner, vice president of business development for International Insurance Group.

By following Kartchner's advice, you would be looking at between $5 and $30 per year for the endorsement and an additional $150 or so for the international liability policy. This can help you obtain an affordable insurance option while still having room in the budget for a trip across the border.