Geocache Camping

Planning a camping trip with geocaching in mind!

Geocaching + Camping!







  • GSAK Geocaching Swiss Army Knife
  • GPS Mapping Software
  • Plan Special Destination areas if travelling
  • Historical
  • Scenic
  • Hiking, Biking, Boating, etc.
  • Geocaching on the Spot (Unplanned Geocaching)
  • Rest Areas
  • Places of Interest
  • Using Smartphones and Tablets with apps that pull geocaches close to you for instant geocaching opportunities.
  • Private Parks
  • RV Parks
  • State Parks:
  • RJ McKenzie: Yes, Wisconsin State parks love geocachers. May event are held at them.
  • James Amodei: Yes, Indiana has events like their spring picnic at the state parks.
  • Louis Caplan: Virginia State Parks do. In fact, they had a commercial for the state parks and showed a family rushing to a geocache. (that was mysteriously left out in the open.) This is completely opposite of the Virginia Dept. of Transportation, which is not only banned geocaches on their property (such as guardrails), but recently contacted and the reviewers, and want all geocaches out of VDOT rest areas and interstates.
  • Jeff Stoehler: Manitoba Provincial Parks allow geocaching, but don’t really promote it.
  • Yawppy Cache: RI.. Yup
  • Lia Ladzinski: Texas does a yearly geocache challenge. Very well put together!
  • State Park Geocaching Challenges:
  • Georgia: History Park Challenges
  • Minnesota State Park Geocaching Challenge
  • Statewide Texas State Parks Geocache Challenge
  • Alabama State Parks Geocache Challenge
  • There are many more parks out there!
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