Gadgets and Gizmos

Geocaching gadgets and gizmos: What is going out of style and where are we now








Gadgets & Gizmos

  • In the beginning, there was…

Pad and Paper

  • Inexpensive
  • Susceptible to weather and loss of writing utensils.
  • Printing out cache sheets – reams of wasted paper.


  • Portable but cumbersome with their size
  • GSAK and other applications
  • Eventually gained Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities


  • Less expensive than a laptop
  • Longer battery life
  • Very Portable
  • Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities
  • PALM
  • PALM Again
  • Limited with applications
  • Cachemate application


  • Portable
  • Good Battery Life
  • Same application access as laptops
  • Wifi
  • Tethering/Bluetooth

Auto GPSr Units

  • Great for navigation and getting to the geocache.
  • Mediocre for actual geocaching (pedestrian mode).
  • Now are very intuitive for navigation but still not recommended for geocaching finds.

GPSr Units

  • Early units only had distance and an arrow
  • Geocaching eventually recognized by vendors and incorporated into specialized units
  • Computer loading geocaches instead of manual
  • Paperless geocaching
  • Cameras, Voice Recording and more
  • Spot recovery and location functionality

Cell Phones

  • In the beginning poor cellular reception – They were just phones…
  • iPhone and Android style applications started
  • Incorporation of GPS technology
  • Now A Little bit of everything – phone functionality is secondary


  • Great for geocaching in the car and on the go but not in the field.
  • Taking Cell Phones to a larger platform
  • A combination of all worlds (computer, cell phone applications, etc.)
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