RV Healthy Habits

Are habits helpful or hurtful to your health and wellness?








Do you say to yourself:

  • I have no time to plan meals.
  • I have no specific goals.
  • I am okay with my daily routine, but holidays, weekends and special occasions are difficult for me.
  • _ Planning with your goals in mind._
  • We have talked about planning, but let’s look at it a bit differently. If you have a goal or plan then breaking it into smaller steps will make you be that much more successful. When you break your goals down into smaller steps not only are they attainable, but also they become habit forming.
  • If weight loss is the plan, don’t look at the amount of pounds you have to lose or even the number on the scale. Instead look at some habits you can change OR make to get you to your successful weight.
  • For Example
  • If you eat out a lot and this is an area you feel would hinder your weight loss goal. Make the habit and new goal to review some of your favorite restaurant websites or obtain the nutrition labels for those establishments and find the foods/meals that you know are of the lower calorie version(s).
  • Potlucks, Rallies or Events
  • If this is an area you feel you can’t be successful with weight loss then learn some healthy habits to get your through these situations.

To make sure you are bringing in successful healthy habits to bring you to your goal(s) then you need to make certain you do these things:

  • Be positive! Think about the things you want to have or do and NOT the things that you don’t want! Always think on the positive side!
  • Make your healthy habits something that’s in your control. For example, if you say that you will never get stuck in traffic again as this stresses you out, makes you stop for fast food and you make poor choices with the stressors of the situation. Is that realistic and can you really be in control of the traffic? You can control your outcome, but not the circumstance.
  • Make a list of your unhealthy habits and find a way to bring something positive and healthy to them. Don’t try to change more than 2 or 3 a week and work with those first. Keep your list and keep working at it and celebrate every one you accomplish with positive reinforcement……….not food!

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