Why test for heartworms?

On vacation ? Don’t forget heartworm meds for your pet !









Why Test for Heartworms?

  • There are lots of great reasons to test annually.
  • Despite years of prevention availability, heartworm positive cases are on the rise.
  • Lack of compliance.
  • Redistribution of heartworms by Katrina and her buddies.
  • We all kind of stink at giving ourselves medication, much less our pets.
  • How many have prescriptions in their medicine cabinets that say “give until gone” on them?
  • Many times will see that we dispensed a number of doses for a pet and see them many months beyond that and still have a few left.
  • Lack of compliance is a major factor in heartworm “breaks” in prevention. Need to know how they work.
  • Almost like a monthly blood cleaning. There are certain times in the heartworm lifecycle that the preventives are useful. If a pet is exposed during a prolonged stretch of time, even if getting doses after that, they can develop infection.
  • Once monthly really should read “every 30 days”. Giving it on May 5 and June 28 is not once monthly and too much time has passed to provide continuous protection.
  • Really great products that are all effective, even a 6 month injectable. Which one is the best? The one that gets used.
  • If there is a break, then annual testing can find it earlier so that your pet has a fighting chance of getting rid of the infection through treatment.
  • Even if you never miss a dose, may vomit, may not have been stored properly, have reasons to be less effective.
  • Many of the heartworm tests actually also screen for other diseases. 4DX test
  • Tick borne diseases, potential human health concerns.

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