Bite Prevention – Part1

Traveling and meeting strange dogs ? Dr Windy discusses the Dog Bite Facts of Life






Bite Prevention Pt. 1

  • It’s great to meet new pet friends, but there are times when things don’t go as planned. Talking about dog bites today.
  • Estimate about 5 million bites per year, 1 in 5 require medical care or more serious.
  • This week is National Bite Prevention Week, so we are going to talk about how to keep everyone’s teeth to themselves.
  • Most bites are from owners’ pets or known pets. 99% are from fearful or insecure dogs. (I’ll kill it before it can hurt me approach). Looks very aggressive and powerful but is from anxiety or insecurity.
  • Most common scenarios that cause bites:
  • Unattended children/toddlers/infants
  • Running with a dog
  • Disregard for or no knowledge of a fearful dog trying to get away.
  • What does a fearful dog look like?
  • Ears back, hunched, whale eye, eyebrows moving rapidly, avoiding eye contact, licking lips, yawning, lips pulled back, some can even try to look like they are sleeping.
  • Note on showing teeth – lips back vs. lips up.
  • Now that we know a bit more about what fearful dogs look like, we’ll learn what we can do on both sides of the equation to prevent bites from happening.
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