First Health Priority ? You

If you don’t become your first priority in having a happy, healthy life, then you don’t have the proper balance to take care of others in your world.










Me Time

  • This is an area that you can work on to bring in a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

Did you know if you focus on making YOU a priority, your weight loss can see a significant improvement as well?

  • Some of us have a very difficult time thinking of ourselves first. It almost feels selfish. So, think of yourself as if you’re flying on a plane and something happens. They ask you to make sure you put YOUR mask on first before putting the oxygen mask on your traveling companion or others. This makes sense, as you might not be able to help others if you don’t put yours on first.
  • When you make your needs a priority, then you have a much better potential to feel happier, healthier and in more control. Your feelings will impact they way you are around others and that positive aura will flow to your family and friends.

The steps to make you your first priority:

  • Make a list everyday with the most important on the list the things YOU need: Maybe a massage or golf game, grocery shopping for healthy snacks or foods, planning your date night, planning a vacation or something fun.
  • Learn to say NO!
  • Tough for many of us, but learn to say NO. When you are always saying yes and taking care of so many “others” needs you are most likely sabotaging your own healthy goals.
  • Make time for what you love to do!
  • When you make time for the things you love to do like playing golf, taking hikes, getting a massage or anything else, you develop an attitude of “I’m worth it!” Self-worth cannot only lead to confidence and happiness, but just being a better companion, parent or friend.

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